Remote control

In case your phone is out of battery, unavailable, or you have someone in the house that does not have a supported mobile device, the remote control is your backup. Turn your burglar alarm On and Off with these steps:

  1. Point your remote directly at the Sfty Sense
  2. Hold ON or OFF for a few seconds
  3. Enter your 4-digit PIN-code with firm, slow presses
  4. Press On or Off

Testing the remote control

The sfty Sense is also supplied with a remote control, in case your phone’s battery should run out of power. First remove the transparent piece of plastic sticking out of the remote control, to ensure the battery is able to make contact.


Stand under your sfty Sense, and test the remote control by turning the Alarm (movement detector) ON and OFF. Use the PIN code you have chosen when setting up the app. Follow the steps above for turning ON or OFF the Sense.

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