Positioning & mounting the Sense

Place your Sfty Sense in the middle of the ceiling, at least 50 cm from a wall. If it is not possible to place it onto a ceiling, Sfty Sense can be placed on a wall. At least 1 meter from corners and 10–15 cm from the ceiling.

If placing your sfty Sense in the stairwell, avoid placing it at the top of open vaulted ceilings (loft beds). Place your sfty Sense at least 50 cm down on the sloping ceiling. (The air pockets that can form may prevent the smoke from reaching the smoke chamber in your Sfty Sense.)


  • Do not place the Sfty Sense nearby air conditioners that could prevent the smoke reaching the detector sensor.
  • Do not  place the Sfty Sense near owens or other sources that provide cooking fumes or steam. This could prevent false alarms.

Mount the bracket to the ceiling using the screws. Once it is firmly mounted, twist the Sfty Sense into place on bracket. 


Attaching Sfty Sense to your ceiling

Glue pads

Use the glue pads to place the Sfty Sense, then fasten it with the screws. It is recommended to clean the spot before you glue up your Sfty Sense once it is dry.

Give the motion sensor some room

Your should try to position your Sfty Sense at least 1m from any wall, to allow it’s motion sensor a decent area to detect movement.

Find a spot with great Wi-Fi coverage

Since sfty Sense relies on your WiFi, make sure that the spot you choose has good or great coverage. A weak WiFi signal will make it less reliable and also decrease the battery life of the Sfty Sense.

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