Testing your smoke detector is recommended and can be done by using a smoke pen. Light the pen and let it burn for a few seconds before you blow out the flame and direct the smoke towards your sfty Sense. Clear the smoke (if needed, blow into the slits) to end the alarm.

We suggest notifying any trustees added to your sfty Home before testing, so they know to expect an alarm.

The test button is found on top of sfty Sense and also doubles as an indicator that emits colored light signals in various situations.

Pressing the test button while all alarms are OFF will give you a test alarm. sfty Sense will sound its siren and trustees added will receive an alarm. Pressing the test button during a smoke alarm will mute the siren for a little while so you can clear the smoke more comfortably.


Testing the motion detector

You can test the movement detector yourself by activating it in the sfty app. Check that it is working by making movements, then turn it off again.




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