Turning on/off the burglar alarm

Turning the alarm ON/OFF by using the sfty App:

1) Open the sfty App and log in

2) Tap in the ON/OFF switch on the home screen to activate/deavtivate the alarm

- When turning your burglar alarm ON through the sfty App, it will be armed within 6 minutes

Turning the alarm ON by using the sfty remote:

1) Point the sfty remote towards your sfty Sense and enter your 4-digit pin-code followed by ON (make sure the Sense is blinks blue for each press)

- The sfty Sense will send out a small sound to confirm that the alarm has been activated. You will also get a notification on your sfty App

- When you turn your burglar alarm ON, it will always give you 60 second to leave the house (it ignores movements in this period of time).

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